One Thousand Gifts

My wonderful friend, Brandi, sent me a book shortly after I miscarried this past March. She has always come to my rescue in little ways such as this. After my mom died, she sent me a letter that touched my heart and to this day I still have it stashed away in one of my many memory boxes. The book she sent me is one that I have passed by in bookstores, but never thought to open it up and take a look. I was so excited when I got a package from her and realized that the book she sent me was one that had crossed my mind before. She sent me the book, One Thousand Gifts, by Ann Voskamp. I have already read through most of the book and IT IS WONDERFUL! I know I have said this before, but sometimes I feel like God is just speaking directly to me through others….whether that be through friends, books, Bible Studies, or sermons. He is definitely speaking! The book, One Thousand Gifts, is all about Eucharist (Thanksgiving)…a word that became very familiar to me in both of the Beth Moore Studies that I did this past year. How amazing is that! This book focuses on living fully right where you are today…something that all of strive towards, I am sure. She also has a blog that I have been peaking in on from time to time. She is a mother of six little ones and is homeschooling all of them. She is a great author and seems like a beautiful person. :o)


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