7 Years and a Weekend Getaway

This past weekend Joey and I celebrated 7 years of marriage. We dropped Presley off at her Nana and Popo’s house and headed down to Granbury, Texas. We stayed at a cute little Bed and Breakfast on the lake called The Inn on Lake Granbury. It was beautiful and so relaxing! My plan was to do absolutely nothing and lay out by the saltwater pool all day, but it was a bit too chilly for that. The weather was beyond beautiful on Saturday so we headed up the road to Glen Rose, Texas and went hiking at Dinosaur Valley State Park.

at the top!

Once we got to the top of the park we tried to head back down to the river, but ended up getting lost! We walked in circles for about 3 hours! We ended up running into some campers that lead us back to where we needed to go….we had been reading the map upside down. LOL! Thank goodness for my iPhone compass app. ;o)
back across the river…yeah!!

Once we got back to the Inn we were exhausted, but luckily we were met with Wine and Hors d’ oeuvre. We had a wonderful evening planned at The Loft: an upscale restaurant and martini bar. However, by the time we got there at 8:00 I had a terrible migraine….caused by dehydration from our afternoon adventure, I’m sure! So we gave our reservation to another couple and headed back to the Inn with Chicken Express in our hands. We ate, watched a movie in our room, and just relaxed. It was actually quite nice.

Our favorite spot at the Inn…so relaxing

Sunday morning we slept in. Yeah! Breakfast was super yummy and delicious. I love Granbury because the Town Square and shops are so cute. However, most of the shops are not open on Sundays…oops! So, we headed back to Fort Worth and saw the movie, “Water for Elephants.” Which was very good! :o) I have heard the book is better! We had a great weekend and Presley had a blast hanging out with her Nana and Popo. She talks about them all of the time and every time she sees Joey’s phone she says, “talk to Nana.” :o)

Our Room…John St. Helen’s Room

Granbury is a great town for a weekend getaway and I highly recommend The Inn on Lake Granbury.


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