All Went Well

Everything went well yesterday during my follow-up D & C. I didn’t have any problems with low blood pressure under anesthesia and I came out of it quickly. The “mass” did not end up being leftover tissue after all, but rather a fibroid. She was able to remove it and send it off for testing…which is mandated by law. Anyhow, I am feeling much better physically but am having a hard time emotionally. I know that the majority of fibroids are non-cancerous, but there are some things that are concerning to me….of course, I got online and now I’m a mess. Every one of you who knows me is probably thinking the same thing Joey is…. lol. uggg….

Today is Presley’s 2nd birthday and Joey and I are feeling extremely blessed to have her in our life considering our circumstances. We are truly feeling overwhelmed with love. She is such an angel and we are consumed with great joy and hope as we look at her daily. She is our precious girl! We are so looking forward to this weekend and celebrating her birthday! It is going to be an “eggs-tra special celebration” as we celebrate her birthday Easter style this year! We love you Presley Victoria! 😉


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