Update and Surgery

I will be having another D & C Wednesday morning at 7 am to remove the remaining tissue and blood clot from my last miscarriage/d & c. My dr is also going to use a camera to get a better look at the cyst on my ovary and the polyp in my uterus. Please pray that my body responds well to the anesthesia…last time I had very low blood pressure during and after the procedure. Also pray that this is an easy fix and nothing more than leftover tissue.

On Tuesday, April 26th we are meeting with a perinatologist for pre-conceptual counseling. My dr has also been talking with a infertility specialist that will also be meeting with us at some point and time. She said today that if having another child is something Joey and I really want then she is more than willing to work with us….she also said that she thinks she can make that happen for us again.

Right now, we are just focusing on the next few days. We will be waiting awhile before thinking about conceiving again. We (or I) just need a few moments to breath and allow things to slow down a bit.


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