Bloodwork Update

Some of you have been asking about an update concerning all of the blood work I had done a few weeks ago. I got a call from my dr today that said everything came back normal…I do not have any blood clotting disorders. I get the feeling that my dr does not like things to go “unanswered.” She likes to have answers for everything. Anyhow, she has decided to send me to a Perinatologist for pre-conceptual counseling because of my miscarriages, ovarian pregnancy, and the ocular occlusion in my retina. In my mind, I think that the blood clot in my eye was just caused by the prometrium (progesterone) that I was on. One of the very rare side effects of being on prometrium is blood clots in the eye….to me, that explains it. However, I think that Dr. Flower’s is concerned that the hormonal changes that comes with pregnancy is causing my body to create blood clots, but there is no testing for that. I understand her concern and I guess I have some concern as well, but isn’t that the case with every woman who becomes pregnant…pregnancy increases the chances of having blood clots. Right? So, for now we will wait until we talk to the Perinatologist and weigh the risks of pregnancy….which in my mind, are about the same as any other woman. ;o) She wants me to stay on my baby aspirin because my eye (and my body) has responded very well to it and women often use it when trying to conceive.


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