Pretty Ears

not quite right, but it’ll do ;o)

Presley loves to copy me and do what I am doing…whether that be putting on makeup, wearing high heel shoes, painting toenails, or wearing earrings. Last week, I saw her trying to put something in her ears. I told her to not stick anything in her ears and she began to cry and said, “I want pretty ears.” Finally, I realized what she was doing. She had grabbed my earrings and was trying to wear them. Silly girl! Anyways, Joey and I decided to pick her up some clip-on earrings while we were out shopping this past weekend. It took us forever to find a pair that was small enough for her head, but big enough to not be a choking hazard.

She loves them and wears them all of the time…it freaks Joey out a little bit though because he says she looks too old for her age…and so it begins. ;o) lol.

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