Fossil Rim

This past Friday, Joey surprised us by taking the day off! Wahoo!! It came at a much needed time…for me, at least. I still wasn’t feeling 100%, but I knew I didn’t want to be stuck at home all day. So, we decided to head to Fossil Rim Wildlife Center a few hours away in Glen Rose, Texas. I am so glad that we went! We definitely had to pack our patience with it being Spring Break and all, but it was still a great time! However, I don’t recommend going over Spring Break by any means because it took us 4 hours to complete the 12 mile route.

Presley was a complete angel the entire 4 hours…but this might have had something to do with it ;o) She loved being in the front seat with us and helping her daddy drive.
Presley’s favorite…the “Gorrafffe” (I attached a video at the bottom of Presley’s first encounter with a “gorraffe”…I could just listen to that little voice all day long 🙂
Beautiful Zebras 😉

One of the things that made this adventure so much fun is Presley and her absolute LOVE of animals. I had heard that taking a toddler was “pointless” because of their age and short attention span. Ummm, this was not the case with Presley. She was so good the entire time and completely involved in looking at the animals. At the half way point there was a look out point along with restrooms, a restaurant, petting zoo, and gift shop. We stopped to take pictures, eat some ice cream, and visit the petting zoo. Presley was thrilled to be at eye level with all of the animals, but I got a little nervous when she would put her face next to the goat’s face (picture above)…I kept imagining him taking a chunk out of her cheek! eeek… So, giving kisses was off limits this time, but she still managed to have some lovely conversations with the animals. ;o)

at the look out point eating ice cream…yummo!

She’s almost as tall as a cheetah!Below is a video clip of Presley driving…can you tell that Joey is one proud dad?? hmmm…she will not be racing cars for a living, by the way. ;o) The other video is of Presley and her first encounter with a giraffe.



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