22 Months


Today has been one of those not so good days…just a little “blah.” 😉 However, watching Presley play always seems to bring a smile to my face. It is so fun to watch her grow and I love to see her develop in her play. Just within the past few weeks she has really moved into make believe play. She loves her stuffed animals and the child has more than a trunk full of them. She loves to set them up in front of her and read or sing to them. Joey started a bad habit of allowing her to sleep with all of her stuffed animals so now she fills her crib up with them every time she goes to bed. He sets them up all around the border of her crib, but as soon as he leaves the room she rearranges them.  The other day, I walked into her room to check on her during nap time and I found her in the corner of her crib surrounded by all of her animals. She was talking to them and singing to them. I flipped on the light and quickly captured this photo with my iPhone…she thought she was in trouble and that is why she is looking down…lol.

She is so funny. I will hear her talk to all of her animals in the same way that I talk to her sometimes….and with the same tone of voice I use.She also comforts her stuffed animals. She likes to rock them in her rocking chair, read them a book, pat them on the head, and then put them down for a “nap.” Today, she put her big bear down for a nap in the bathtub. She takes her animals everywhere with her and we rarely get out of the house without 2 or 3 in her hand.

This past weekend, Joey and I took Presley shoe shopping…girl LOVES to shop for shoes. She walked into every store as if she owned the place. She knew exactly where to go and she knew exactly what pair of shoes she liked . She would have tried on every pair had we let her. 😉 By the end of the day, she proudly walked out of the store with 3 new pairs of shoes! 

As much as she loves to play with all of the things that are considered “girly.” She also LOVES to be outside. Every night when Joey gets home from work she runs up to him and says, “go for a walk.” We went for quite a few walks over the weekend and she just loves them. She would stay outside and explore in the dirt or rocks all afternoon if I let her. Today, I just sat back and watched her as she ran circles around me. It just made my day!!!


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