Update on My Eye

I had another eye appointment today. Fortunately, they were able to run the tests they were not able to while I was pregnant. The tests showed that the blood flow to my eye is very good. In fact, it was excellent! He said that the amount of time it took for the dye to enter my blood stream and reach my eye was extremely fast…which means there isn’t a blood clot somewhere else in my body (like the heart, brain, etc.) He also said that the clot looked to be about 80% gone! He suspects that my sight should return to that area of my eye because the clot occurred in the outter most layer. Yeah! With all of that said, he did find something (a very small spot) in my right eye. ??? grrrrr. He said he is not too worried about it and that it could just be the way my body reacts to different stimuli. I did ask him if it could be a tear and he basically said, “no, and stop making things up.” ;-/ *sigh* lol. I tend to create problems when they aren’t even there. lol. Oh, the joys of being me. Anyhow, like my dad said, “we are just going to take this as a blessing from the Lord and everything is going to be just fine.” So, I am very thankful for the sight that I have and I will just praise God for allowing me to see what I do. 😉


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