Not So Good News

Well, I have not so good news. I went to my OB appointment today where they were unable to find the baby’s heartbeat. Because the baby had such a strong heart beat at 6 and 7 weeks, my dr is thinking it was due to a chromosomal defect. However, she is wanting to investigate my blood clotting episode further so she will be doing a panel of blood work on me in about 2 weeks. I am fully confident that God’s hand has been on this pregnancy from the beginning. Although, Joey and I are very sad about this loss we still have hope. Presley would not be here with us now had it not been for the miscarriage we suffered 4 months prior to conceiving her. I am also very thankful that I switched doctors and that Dr. Flower’s is determined to find the cause of my blood clot. I am, of course, praying that I don’t have any blood clotting disorders and that this miscarriage was just due to a defect. I don’t have much time to fret over this loss because I am scheduled for a D & C tomorrow at 1:30 (otherwise I would have had to wait until the 16th…NO thank you!) I am really trying to focus on the hear and now, instead of focusing on the what ifs and the might bes. The thought of having to go through this journey again is a little overwhelming, but I know that God is faithful and will bring us through. Thank you much for your prayers…they are always heard and felt! Please pray for a clear blood panel and that my D & C goes well without any complications!


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