Prayers Again….

The short of it: Tuesday morning, I went to see a retinal specialist because of a blind spot that developed in my right eye Saturday morning. After several tests I was diagnosed with having a blood clot in my right eye…most likely caused by the prometrium (progesterone) that I am taking and the hormones that come along with being pregnant. My doctor has decided to take me off the prometrium and monitor my levels weekly until my 11th week. I also have to take one baby aspirin a day while pregnant to thin out my blood and hopefully prevent anymore blood clots from forming. See bottom for specific prayer requests 😉

The Long: Saturday morning when I woke up I realized that the vision in my right eye was not normal. I kept covering up my left eye to figure out what in the world was going on. Finally, I realized that there was a blind spot in the bottom right corner of my eye. I have had something similar before when I’ve had a migraine, but it always went away after a few hours. I didn’t pay much attention to the blind spot until I woke up Sunday morning and realized that it was still there. So…what did I do next? Yep, you got it 😉 started googling it. The only thing I came up with was the chance of it being a “floater” which can be serious and non-serious. Of course, my mind went straight to the worst possible scenario. I started thinking about blindness and what a colorless world would be like for me and then the fear and anxiety came. Uggg, why do I do that!

Monday morning I called an eye doctor down the street from us. I didn’t have a referral or anything I just went on-line and looked to see who would be best. I ended up choosing a husband and wife team from Bowen Eye Center. I am so glad that I chose him because he was so nice and such a huge help. They got me in as soon as they could and blocked off a certain amount of time just for me so that the dr could focus on what was going on. After a two hour appointment and very little answers he decided it would be best to send me to a retinal specialist the next morning. Dr Bowen had taken pictures of my eye and showed me what he was seeing, but he just didn’t have the answers as to what it was. My first question, of course, was…… it from a tumor? His response was that he didn’t think so. I still went home worried as ever, thinking I had a brain tumor and giving myself about 3-4 weeks. I only told my dad and Joey’s family because I didn’t want to worry anyone else…especially the sisters. They would have been a little more optimistic than me…they would have given me 6-8 weeks. lol 😉

Anyhow, I had my appointment with the retinal specialist yesterday morning at 10:45 and was very pleased with the Dr. He was so wonderful and probably one of the best doctors I have ever seen. First of all, anyone who knows me knows that I hate my eye being messed with….even eye drops can be a challenge! After being probed and prodded the dr. immediately knew what it was and said that after he took some pictures of my eye he would explain further. He basically told me that I had a blood clot in my eye. It was as if my eye had had a stroke. He also said that the clot might get smaller, but that it would never go away. It is also most likely that my sight will not return to that area. I can’t really tell there’s anything wrong except for when I close my left eye. Otherwise, my left eye compensates for it. My right eye is my dominant eye, but my left eye has taken over that role and I can feel some strain on it, but other than that I can’t really tell that there is a blind spot in my right eye. There was some more testing that the dr wanted to do, but decided against it since I am pregnant. He believes that the clot was caused by my prometrium (progesterone) that I am taking and the hormones that come with being pregnant.

Later that afternoon, the Dr. conferenced in a call with my ob, Dr. Flowers. 😉 It was decided that I would go off of my prometrium and would need to take one baby aspirin a day for the remainder of my pregnancy. The hope is that this is an isolated incident, but the fear is always the increased risk of having blood clots when pregnant. With this, I have gone back on the high risk pregnancy list. 😦 I have already been to see my dr again today and blood was drawn to monitor my progesterone levels. They will have to be taken weekly until the 11th week to make sure that my pregesterone levels do not get too low.

Things to be thankful for….
1. the blood clot in my right eye was 1 1/2 millimeters away from my vision center…the macula. Had it been in my macula I would have had complete loss of vision in that eye.
2. the retinal specialist is good friends with my OB’s husband and actually had dinner over at their house the previous week. Talk about the hand of God!
3. blood clots are quiet…and really, this is the only blood clot that I could have “seen”

Things to pray for…
1. that I would calm down and give it all to God! That I would trust his provision. He has already proved himself faithful to me a countless number of times in my life and I just need to rest in that!
2. that this is an isolated incident and that I would not have anymore blood clots
3. that my vision would be preserved and that my left eye would remain the healthy one
4. for God’s protection over me and this baby


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