An Answer to Prayer

Today went great! I love, love, love my new doctor and I am so glad that I switched over to her. I wanted to get into her when I first moved here in 2003 because Sara went to her, but she was not taking new patients at the time…unless they were pregnant. Anyhow, we were there for 3 hours and I am pretty sure I worked myself up into an anxious ball of stress. While I was there she did a new patient interview, a complete panel of blood work analysis, an exam, AND a transvaginal ultrasound. She was so sweet! She sat and talked with me about my past history and all of my concerns about this pregnancy. At one point, I felt a little like a test case. lol. She was very interested in my ovarian pregnancy. She said that she had never known someone to have that type of an ectopic before. She also confirmed that I was very lucky to have things turn out the way they did! She said that they are the rarest form of an ectopic…which kind of made me feel better. During the ultrasound (the ultrasound that my previous dr said would not show anything because it was WAY too early) we were able to see that the yolk sack was in the right spot. We were also able to see, what looked like, a little flickering of a heartbeat. I am 6 weeks along to the day and she said everything looked great! I was in tears by the end of the appointment. I had no idea that I was so overwhelmed with anxiety. I had not been sleeping very well since I found out I was pregnant a few weeks ago. I thought I was doing a good job of giving it all to God, but apparently I was not doing as good of a job as I thought. lol. I go in again next week for another ultrasound to confirm what she saw today. I will have to be on progesterone for this pregnancy…I was with Presley as well. I am not looking forward to this because I was feeling really good and progesterone makes me as sick as a dog. However, anything for this little life inside of me is worth it. So it’s official 🙂 I am 6 weeks pregnant and my due date is September 29th!

Oh, something cute I want to remember…
Presley was so good today…especially for being there for 3 hours right in the middle of her nap time. After I got my sonogram 😉 they gave me a little print out of the baby and Presley grabbed it out of Joey’s hands. She was obsessed with looking at it and kept it in her hands until we got home. 🙂 Love it!

Thanks to all of you have been praying for us these past few weeks. God has been so faithful in guiding my steps. I wasn’t even looking to change doctors, but I was lead right to Dr. Flower’s office. I am so very thankful for God’s provision. 🙂


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