Encouraging Words

I am feeling a little better today about everything that has been going on with my blood work this past week. My numbers are climbing, close to doubling, which is great news. Yesterday’s blood work was much higher than last weeks so my Dr. called this afternoon and said that she would like to do one more round of tests tomorrow and Monday morning. She will call late afternoon on Monday or Tuesday morning and then decide from there what the plan is regarding my first sonogram. A Sonogram will not show anything until my hCG levels are up around 2,000. Usually that happens around 5-6 weeks LMP…which, consequently, is also when an ectopic is most likely to occur and cause the most problems. So, I am feeling a bit apprehensive, but I have received several encouraging emails from friends…especially within our Home Team group. God definitely placed us with the right group of people at the right time in our lives. I love seeing God work in our lives through others. Even today, as I started up a new Beth Moore study, I was sitting next to a woman who was new to our group who ministered to me at the most perfect time. As a group, we were asked to write down our prayer requests on a card and pass it to the person to the left. As I passed mine to this woman sitting next to me, she quickly read over the card and then just gave me the biggest smile 😉 She talked with me after class about her daughter who is around my age, 33, and described her battle with recurring ectopic pregnancies. God has placed so many people in my life just within this past week that have been such an encouragement to me. Their openness and willingness to share their struggles with me has given me so much peace this week. The next few weeks will answer a lot of questions and I am praying that all of it will be great news! 😉


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