20 Months

My sweet girl is growing up ;o) and with that comes new milestones and new challenges. Her vocabulary is expanding daily…even more so than before. It seems, just within the past week, she has added 2-3 words daily. She has also been big on learning names this past week. It all started with “PoPo.” We prayed for him every morning when he was sick and she just caught on to his name.

The BEST thing about all of the name learning is that she has learned the name “Jesus.” The wonderful thing about this is that she picked up on his name through a song. One of my piano students, Gretchen, gave Presley her first Bible called, “Baby’s First Bible” when she was born. She loves this book and always looks through it. At the end of the book there is a page with children sitting around Jesus and when we get to this page I always sing, “Jesus Loves Me” or “Jesus Loves the Little Children.”  Whenever she wants to read this book she says “Jesus” and runs and gets it. Melts my heart!

Presley is also becoming more independent which means that she is also more interested in doing things on her own. She is very interested in the potty….one of the reasons for buying her the Potty Elmo. When she was 17 months old I bought her a potty seat to put on top of the toilet. We have been practicing “just sitting” on the potty for 3 months. Now, she knows how to put the potty on top of the toilet. She also tells me when she has gone “poo-poos” in her diaper. She will also grab her diaper for me and say, “diaper.” We are basically just introducing “potty time” into her daily routine so that when she turns 2 it’s already a part of her day…per aunt Sara’s advice. 😉

Eating habits have definitely changed. Presley now refuses things on a daily basis. She used to always try things, but now she clamps her mouth shut if she is not in the mood to try something new. If I haven’t already introduced it to her then it’s a real battle….except for when we are at a restaurant. She will eat anything when we are at a restaurant…probably because she knows she has “choices” at home. My bad! Anyhow, one day she will love bananas and the next day she will refuse to eat them. One day she loves spinach and the next- she hates it. We have had 4 battles and each turned out the same…Presley giving in. 🙂 I have heard that it is “just the age” so I am trying to keep an open mind when I am dealing with her eating habits. One thing I have done is cut out her snacks…and if she does have a snack then she has fruit. I also give her small amounts of a variety of food which seems to help!

All in all she is still a very good little girl, but there are definitely challenging moments. Some days we battle from the moment she wakes up, but the majority of the time she obeys and is very well behaved. 🙂


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