Burda Christmas 2010

We had a wonderful Burda Christmas. 😉 It was such a great day and I absolutely loved watching the kids open their gifts…especially Cooper. I’ve never seen so much excitement in one kid. Presley was very much into her gifts this year…not so much the opening up of them, but she definitely took the time to play with each one. In fact, it was hard to pull her away from one gift to get her to focus on the next one. She has really enjoyed each and every one. It was definitely one of those holidays that will be etched in my memory for life. Good times were had by all…just see for yourself…

And it’s the man of the hour…lol 😉 We were so thankful to have Joey’s dad back at home with us after having been in the hospital for 3 days! We were all so excit
ed to celebrate Christmas together. 😉 God is good and we are thankful for His protection over Popo!

Sweet boys…Jester asleep in my lap and Cooper givin him some love….like he needs any more lovin 😉 rotten pup!

Presley LOVES, LOVES, LOVES the kitchen that Nana and Popo got her 🙂
Presley is terrified of dolls. She hates them, to put it mildly. I think they are too life like, but after a few minutes of watching from afar she warmed up to this little crawling baby from Great Grandma Barb. 😉
“ahhh, run for your life”…
until next year 😉

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