Thanksgiving 2010

This Thanksgiving was extra sweet and special because it was also Joey’s birthday…I’ll keep it to myself how old he is. ;-/ We spent the afternoon over at Joey’s uncle’s house. The food was delicious and Presley loved every bit of it. She did very well and actually let people hold her. This was a first for her. I think she is beginning to remember familiar faces!  Here are a few candid pictures from our day at Uncle Bills.

Nana Burda and Presley Girl
Presley and Great Grandma Barb
Helping daddy blow out his birthday candles
Presley and Popo. There’s a story behind this picture….

After Nana and I told Presley “no more cookie cake” she ended up over on her Popo’s lap contently eating her Puffs. After about 10 minutes or so Presley slowly pulled the cookie cake towards her. A few minutes later while Popo was showing her the birthday candles she was inching her little hand towards the cake. WHILE looking at her Popo and listening intently to his explanation of where candles come from (haha) she was slowly eating away at the cake. Nana and I could not believe our eyes…well, Nana couldn’t. I have seen her do this to her dad before. Although, he caught on real quick. We sat watching the little manipulator eat away at the cake until Joey looked at me and said, “did you just see that chunk of cookie she just ate? You need to take that away from her.” I explained to him what was going on…he was not amused. I gave Presley a look and she gave one right back to me as if she knew EXACTLY what she had done…hmmmm. Hard times ahead for this mama. *sigh*

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