19 Months

First off, excuse the hair in the picture above 😉 we just woke up from a nap. Every morning Presley awakens me with the cutest sounds of laughter and babble. She is beginning to talk more and more. She points to everything, as seen in the picture above, and then waits for me to tell her what it is. Her 18th month brought on a whole new side of her. I think it is so crazy when children grow in all areas of life in the span of just one month. I always saw such a huge difference in my first graders after the Christmas break…and an even bigger one when they returned from summer break! I think ever since Presley turned 18 months she has displayed more “toddler” behavior than “pre-toddler” behavior. I Definitely had my hands full the 2 weeks following her stomach bug, but thankfully with a lot of structure, routine, and consistency we are back under control…well, 80% of the time anyway.
She now understands positive reinforcement, praise, and she loves stickers! I have been able to start a little chore chart with her that she would have NEVER understood a few months ago! She only has 3 chores…help mommy clean up, help mommy get the mail, and help mommy feed Goose. She LOVES to help feed Goose and already carries the scoop of dog food to his bowl. She is getting better at doing her puzzles, manipulating small objects, and she loves to stack things on top of each other….especially my spices.
She is also doing much better with her separation anxiety. She is starting to remember faces and places so I am not cringing when I drop her off at Bible Study or her Moppets class. She eagerly opens her arms up to Ms. Hannah when she sees her standing at the door of her classroom…no tears, I love it! AND I LOVE PICKING HER UP!!! She runs up to the door when she sees me and says “momma, momma, momma” and then when I pick her up into my arms she says “hiya” and then I get a big hug. 🙂
She continues to love stuffed animals. She can’t go “bye-bye” without one in her hand. She loves to draw, put on jewelry, push her shopping cart and baby stroller around, play outside, and she loves to read! She loves looking at her books so much that it’s usually the only thing she does when she has room time every day. She will sit quietly and contently for 30 minutes in her room looking through all of her books. She loves to listen to music while she is in her room. I continue to do blanket time a few times a week with her because I really see a difference in her behavior when we do.
Ever since Presley turned 18 months I see her picking up on little words daily! She tries to repeat the words we say all of the time. However, most of the words she knows are either a type of food or an animal. *sigh*

I am so loving this age and very ready for another one 😉 We’ll see what God has in store for us. 🙂 Waiting on Him and Trusting in Him to do what is best for our family.


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