Crazy Cousins

These pictures are priceless! They crack me up. Most of them are out of focus, but I still love them. Reid and Grant came over the other day to play with Presley. All I can say is…WOW! I am not sure who was worse, Presley or Reid. lol. They both just “egged” each other on in complete silly/craziness! When one screamed, the other would scream louder. When one laughed, the other would laugh harder. When one ran, the other ran faster. They banged on the piano, played with all the toys, threw all of the balls, and pushed around every little thing that had wheels and moved in the house. In the late afternoon, we went outside to get some “fresh air” and they were even crazier! haha. Grant, of course, was perfect 😉 I just love these kids!

Monkey see, Monkey do… 😉
Sweet Grant has such a calming effect on everyone 🙂
Get off my rockER!!!
The look on my daughter’s face is the infamous “Axtell look” 🙂 Mostly seen on the face of my older sister, Elizabeth, when she was this age. hee-hee

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