18 Months

My sweet girl just turned 18 months old and her little sassy attitude is proof! She is finally bouncing back from a stomach virus and getting back into the routine of things. I have been working with her on “using her words” because she has started to scream more when she needs or wants something. I have begun to introduce and teach her several one syllable words that are easy to use so that she will feel less frustrated. She is beginning to use words like please, help, up, and off more and more every day. She is definitely continuing to “test” me to see what works and what doesn’t. I have to say, it was much easier to monitor myself when I was dealing with a class full of first graders. At this age, most bad habits are learned behaviors and so I am constantly catching myself not being consistent and messing up. I am really enjoying this phase of her life and I love watching her little personality blossom every day. Here are a few pictures from the week before she got sick! ;-(

She loves to say “hi, hi.”  Sometimes when she sees Joey she’ll say, “hi, joey”
She is learning to climb…even the smallest step is an accomplishment 😉

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