“Out of Season”

“Rattlesnakes are out of season.”  Yes, these are the words my husband heard coming out of my mouth while we were hiking around Enchanted Rock this past weekend.  And yes, he had the same expression on his face that you probably have on yours right now. For some reason, unknown to us all, I say things that make no sense…Joey likes to refer to them as “becca-isms.”   Big surprise for those of you who know me. Anyhow, Joey reassured me several times on our hike that “rattlesnakes were not out of season” and the the weather was perfect for sighting one. Luckily, we avoided running into one until the very end of our hike. Presley was far gone and asleep in the pack and Joey and I were steps away from the end of the trail. I think Joey stopped first and said, “I hear a rattlesnake.” At the same time he heard this I saw the biggest rattlesnake ever! We both stopped dead in our tracks and backed up slowly. Of course, Joey wanted to get closer so he could get a picture…typical man. However, I was not in favor of him doing this ;o) especially with Presley being on his back! And of course, I came up with another “becca-ism” telling him that rattlesnakes have the ability to shoot out 25 feet… he didn’t buy it. Hey, you gotta say what ya gotta say to keep people from doing “dumb” things sometimes! 😉 We did take a picture, but the lovely thing was long gone by that time, but maybe if you look close enough you can see him. Ha! ;o)


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