Train Up a Child……

Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it…Prov. 22:6

Oh gosh, they start so young is all I can say about this child of mine. Since Presley was little she has been very nosey and into everything. She loves to sit back, watch, and observe…until she sees something she wants. She doesn’t quite understand that not everything she sees is hers. She hasn’t quite grasped what sharing is either, but she also doesn’t understand the meaning of mine. She will willingly give up anything that she has in her hands, but only to turn around and find something else in another child’s hands.

A couple of days ago, we all went for a walk after Joey got home from work. While we were walking, some of the neighborhood kids rode by on their bikes.Presley immediately stopped in her tracks and stared for quite some time. As the kids rode their bikes around, showing off of course, Presley walked to the edge of the sidewalk and started yelling at them in a sweet language of her own. One of the little girls rode her bike over to say hi. Presley walked up to this girl’s bike and started checkin it over. It did not take long for her to find something that caught her eye. This little girl had a little stuffed animal inside a basket that she hooked on her bike…Presley was all about it! She immediately grabbed for it! I think it stunned the little girl on the bike because she did not seem to take too kindly to Presley taking her stuffed animal. Joey told Presley it wasn’t hers and made her give it back. She was quite upset about the whole ordeal and we ended up carrying a screaming child the rest of the way home…ugggg.

Anyhoo, several months ago I went into Target to grab some groceries. As I was shopping I took a look at some of the baby clothes and shoes. At the time, Presley was about 10 months old and into the habit of grabbing for everything in sight. I had no idea that she had grabbed a pair of socks off a rack while we were shopping. Once I got out of the store and to the car I realized that she had a pair of socks stuffed under her little leg. They were 4.99 so I decided to go back in and tell the cashier what had happened and pay for them.

So, after several months of being “sticky finger free” I thought we had passed the stage of grabbing for things. UNTIL…we went to the Arboretum on Sunday and I realized that I have a much bigger problem on my hands now…

Need a closer look?
No? Well, Presley obviously did…

I was in the corner talking to Joey when I suddenly realized that little miss presley girl was running around free as a bird! Her little nose got her into trouble! I was so embarrassed when I saw Presley looking into this woman’s HUMUNGO Coach purse! Obviously, Joey wasn’t too concerned because he had time to take a quick picture while I was RUNNING over to her. I got there just as she put her hand INTO this woman’s purse! I felt like the mom on the news that TRAINS her child to steal things! Luckily, the woman never even noticed, but her husband did and he got a kick out of it. Good-NESS!!


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