I Gave My Child a Sugar Cookie…’Nuff Said

This is Presley
Proceed with Caution: I know this is my second post of the day, but I had to blog this for Joey. It’s a long one and the pics are an absolute mess!
And this is Presley on sugar…
Attempting to stand on her head
Attempting a handless summersault
She found a new toy
Have no idea what this entails
What could be better than screaming? Screaming into a paper tube!
Trying to look inside the paper tube
Again, have no idea
This is where she decides to destroy the paper tube…and what better way to do that then with a little scream to back it up…*sigh*
Getting into the rocks… and beginning to wear her mother out.
Turning around in circles trying to make herself dizzy…
Apparently it worked…*sigh*
Recovering from BIGHTING it..at lease there’s no tears!
This is her getting COMPLETELY out of control…had no idea she had it in her. Yikes!
More out of control…and she knows this is a no-no!
Dancing in place with no music…except the music that has been playing in her head since the moment I gave her a cookie. *sigh*
Again, have no idea??? Yoga maybe?
She continuously points to fans and lights
Goose, longing to be outside with the other dogs who have normal masters
Presley, longing to play with Goose
Oh what fun, the salt shakes! Ugggg *sigh*
By the way, on my behalf as a mother I would just like to say that I really don’t allow my child to have full reign of the house. I just couldn’t help it today. She was a NUT. What better way to remember this moment but through pictures and a blog post. I just had no idea that creating a “boundary wall” around my living room would cause such chaos once she broke through on her own. Lesson learned for this first time mom! It makes me think of life in general. We want to keep our kids safe, but we also have to equip them with the skills, character, and ability to survive out in the real world when they “break free” from the boundaries of our home. I have tried to set boundaries since Presley was born…swaddling, play pen time, blanket time, and now room time. However, I also need to provide boundaries that are invisible so that she learns to use self control. Apparently, when I first titled this post “’Nuff Said” my intentions were to let the pictures do the talking…oh well.

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