15 Months

Presley will be 15 months old this week! She had her 15 month check-up last week and here is where she stands…weight: 18.9 pounds (6th percentile) Length: 30 1/2 inches (50th percentile) She is a tiny little thing and can still fit into her 9 month old clothing. 🙂 She loves to be outside and discover new things. The other day, Joey came home from work early and we spent the afternoon in the front yard. Presley was all over the place and into everything.  Her ball goes with her wherever she goes. She loves to carry it around, throw it, and kick it. Ever since she has started walking she refuses to be carried and held. She would much rather be walking around, exploring.

Her vocabulary continues to grow. She repeats words that I say and has started to point to things she wants. Some of her first words are: dada, ducky, goose, sheep, mama, bahbah, dot, tigger, thank you, uh-oh, all done, ball, circle, and hot. She loves for me to sing Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star and tries to chime in, but only gets as far as “tinkul tinkul.” When she awakens in the morning, her first words are usually “goose” and “tinkul, tinkul.” She absolutely loves music and can usually be caught dancing to it. 🙂

Presley loves for me to play with her. She often brings me a handful of toys or throws me the ball to try to get me to play with her. I continue to do her “playpen time” 2x a day for 20-30 minutes…this allows for her to entertain herself and play independently while I get things done around the house. We are down to one nap a day, 1:00-4ish. She can tolerate two naps a day, but usually she will only sleep for an hour which doesn’t leave me much time to get things done 😉 SO I opt for the one nap a day. 😉

She listens to the word “no” and really has the desire to please. She gets really upset if I raise my voice or have a disappointed tone in my voice. She seems to be very sensitive and continues to be a mama’s girl. She still has a little uneasiness in new places, but seems to warm up rather quickly once she sees all the toys. She’s a sweet girl and a very easy toddler. ;o)


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