A Goose Chase of a Day

 Behind every picture is a story…..

This picture pretty much sums up our day and that is why I have to blog about our morning…so that I will forever remember it. Presley loves Goose. In fact, “goose” was one of her first words…if not her first. She even has a special nickname for him and calls him “goosey, goosey, goo.” As Presley has gotten older, Goose has become a lot more interested in her. He has also become more interested in her toys. She loves stuffed animals and so does he.

This morning began a goose chase of a day.  I have never seen Presley laugh so hard. It was hilarious to watch her and Goose interact together. Every time Presley had her tiny bear in her hand Goose would chase after her down the entryway. Presley would tease him and pretend like she was going to give him the bear and then pull it away from him. She must have thought she was pretty funny because she would start laughing and then move to the other side of the room. When Goose finally had the little bear in his mouth Presley would chase him all over the house. She thought it was great fun and even tried to sneak up on him a few times. Anyhow, I loved the interaction between them and I loved seeing the personality of my little girl come out.

Goose shaking all over and Presley ducking out of the way
I was taking a picture of Goose here and I saw his ears perk up and then, all of a sudden, look who came running…laughing hysterically all the while

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