11 Months

Presley is 11 months old today and all I have to say is “I am EXHAUSTED!!!” Holy Moly, a lot goes on during that 10 month period. Presley is definitely coming into her own! It is becoming more and more evident that she is very STRONG-WILLED. Hmmm, sound familiar??

She can stand on her own and take a few steps…WHEN she wants to and IF she wants to, she has an opinion about everything, she knows exactly what she wants and when she wants it. I love her, but she has definitely tested us this month and is an “Axtell girl” through and through…those of you who have grown up with me know EXACTLY what I’m talking about. 😉

She continues to try to talk and just babbles on and on . She says “da-da”, “dog”, “goo” (for goose our dog), “ba-ba” (for bottle), and “ke-kee” (which I haven’t quite figured out yet, but she says it a lot! Especially when she sees her picture so I assume she’s saying her name, but who knows?

The cutest thing? She tries to bark when she hears Maverick bark. She says “woo-wooh.”

Stranger anxiety set in about a week after she turned 10 months. She had it for about a month in November-December, but it was mostly directed towards women and it was very short lived. The stranger anxiety that she is going through right now is completely different and a little exasperating at times. She NEVER used to cry at Kindermusik, WinKids, or the church nursery, but lately she has been very unsure and uneasy about everything. I am hoping that this is just a phase and that it passes quickly.

.A couple of weeks ago my little sister Sara’s best childhood friend, Kristin, came into town to help her out with baby Grant. She was so sweet to take pictures of little Miss Presley!!! You can visit her adorable website at http://justbephotography.net Kristin’s mom was my mom’s best friend and was there for my mom through thick and thin. She was right by her side during the time that she was sick…even through the most difficult of time! I truly believe that the friendship my little sister and Kristin have is modeled after the friendship and bond between their beautiful mommies. 🙂 Thank you Kristin for blessing us with your time and talent! Here are a few of her pictures…perfect timing for Easter!


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