A Weekend Getaway!

This weekend, Joey and I were able to get away for the first time since Presley was born. 🙂 Friday afternoon, Joey stayed home with Presley while I went and got an hour massage…it was kind of a late birthday gift! Then, we rented a cabin out in the middle of nowhere in Thackerville, Oklahoma for the weekend. The cabin shared 60 acres of wooded area with one other cabin and an old Caboose…which would be so fun for my nephews to stay in! I loved our little cabin! It was surrounded by tall trees and was about a half mile from the Red River. There was no t.v., phone, or internet service so it was nice to be forced to actually get away from it all. There really wasn’t much to do, but we found ways to entertain ourselves. We went on a hike, looked around, visited one of the casinos in town for about an hour, and went out to eat a lot. It was so nice to be able to just “pick up and go.” It was a MUCH needed break and we both felt revived when we got back home. You might be asking yourself…what was Presley girl doing while we were on our little getaway? She was having fun with cousin Reid at Aunt Sara and Uncle Brian’s house!


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