Seasoned with Love

Christmas Eve, we went to bed with a blanket of snow gracing the ground! Christmas morning, we headed over to Elizabeth’s house…. the first time we were not in San Antonio. We had a full house that was filled with the laughter of children! We all pitched in and brought something for dinner. My grandma and older sister made the turkey, dressing, and gravy. It was delicious! I love having the “old favorites” during the holidays! 🙂 For some reason, it always reminds me of past holidays and my mom working away in the kitchen. After lunch, we opened gifts…well, we watched the kids open gifts! It was so great to just sit back and watch the smiles form on all of the kids faces as they opened up their gifts in pure excitement! This Christmas was one filled with wonderful memories and most definitely will be considered one of my favorites and most memorable. Sara made everyone a cookbook with all of the Axtell/Cose favorite recipes. It was a dear gift called, “Seasoned with Love.”


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