First Thanksgiving

Today was Presley’s First Thanksgiving! It’s hard to believe that last year at this time we were in Colorado visiting my dad’s side of the family…and I was 4 months pregnant, taking a 2 mile hike through the Rockies!! Who knew our life would change so drastically in the span of one year…for the better of course! 🙂 Joey and I went to dinner last night for his 35th birthday! Why is it that birthdays come and go until you finally stop for a moment and realize that you are, in fact, OLD! 😦 We started thinking about the last 5 years of our life and cant believe where God has brought us. We just love our life…although, Joey did ask the question last night “is our life boring? Are we boring people?” Well, I would have to say that “yes, we are probably boring, but Presley brings so much excitement to our life.” We came to the conclusion that, boring or not, we wouldn’t change our life for anything.Today, we had Thanksgiving with Joey’s family over at his mom and dad’s house.We had a delicious spread of food. His dad is a WONDERFUL cook! I would totally hire him as my private chef…if only I had the money! Ha-Ha! We also celebrated Christmas while we were there since we won’t be together for it this year. Presley wasn’t too interested in all that was going on, but she absolutely LOVED the baby doll that Nana Burda got her. Presley’s cousin, Cooper, is almost 3 and was all about Christmas…so very cute. Presley got several little outfits that were very much needed…she will be one well dressed baby this season. Joey’s sister, Christy, took family pictures and we ended the day with the Cowboy’s game! Woo-Hoo, go boys!! It was a great day and A Wonderful First Thanksgiving for Our Little Sweet “P”


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