7 Months Old

Presley is 7 months old today and is growing, growing, growing! She weighs 17.5 pounds! I am not sure how tall she is, but she is already wearing 9 month old clothing. Here are some of the things she is doing……

The sounds I make…buh-buh, bo-bo, iguh-iguh, mah-mah, coo-coo, goo-goo, dah-dah, ga-ga.

To move I…roll from one side of the room to the other.Presley has begun to get into the crawling position, but hasn’t quite mastered it yet. She does a lot of her practicing in her bed!

My favorite part of the day is Jumperoo Time! Presley has discovered that if she jumps high enough she can touch the parrot and banana hanging above her.

The foods I like…peaches and applesauce. The foods I don’t like…peas, peas, and peas! The things I tolerate…grean beans, but not without having something to say about it! 🙂

This little girl amazes me and I am so blessed to be her mom. Her happy spirit rubs off on me every day 🙂 She is truly a gift from above…as all babies are 🙂 Yesterday, we went to visit baby Logan and she was so sweet to him. My sister and I would show her how to be gentle with him and then she would put one finger on him and pat him. She would also use her hand to gently pat his head like she was petting one of the dogs.


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