The Big ‘Ol Crocodile Tear

We had our 4 month check up this week and Presley is growing! She is in the 50th percentile for height and weight. She is 24.5 inches tall and weighs 13.4 pounds.

Joey went with us to the appointment and can I just say “daddy’s girl!” I am going to have to be careful because this little girl has that man wrapped around her little finger! Presley rarely cries and so Joey is not used to seeing tears. Apparently, Presley was “congested” and Dr. R was showing me how to get it out by covering up her mouth and getting her to blow it out herself…let’s just say, she was TICKED off!! I dont think I have ever seen her that mad…not even when getting her shots. I dont know why, but I dont really get upset when she gets shots. I guess because I know its going to help her. Joey’s heart melted when he saw (as he says) a “big ol crocodile tear” roll down her cheek. He grabbed her out of my hands and proceded to comfort her while I sat and talked with the dr about her check-up.

Seriously! I knew Joey was going to be very involved with Presley because he has never been the “stand back and let you do it” kind of guy. He has always been very involved in every aspect of our life, from helping out with our wedding to reading all of the baby books. I absolutely adore him for it, but I just think it’s funny because he is so dramatic with Presley…maybe she doesnt get her “drama queen” attitude from the Axtell girls! 🙂
I do appreciate my husband and I love him more than life itself. Just last night he said, “I knew I was going to love her, but I had know idea I was going to love her this much or that I could.” Melted my heart 😦 So many people tell me to be thankful for a husband who is “over-involved” 🙂 And I am! Thanks for all you do JOEY! You are a true blessing!!


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