San Antonio Shower

Sara has already posted about the shower on her blog so I will just repeat a little of what she said 🙂 First off, my sisters and friends did an AMAZING job with making the shower such a memorable and a special time for me. As you can see, it was a bunny theme! Sara is so creative…she made a diaper cake! The shower turned out so cute! Sara had my mom’s old friends share some great stories about me and my mom when I was little. Sara brought a piggy bank to collect “tips & advice” in…she had everyone sign it. I loved reading everyone’s tips and hearing those memories!I got so many cute things 🙂 including adorable clothes! The girls went in together and got us our much needed stroller! Joey was happy about that one! My friend, Heather, is so creative! She put together the neatest basket with clothes, bottles, burp rags, hair bands/bows , etc…and she monogrammed all of it! It was so great seeing everyone and spending time with old friends…I miss S.A. And thanks to my sweet Brandi for showering me at her home in her beautiful garden room!


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